South America is an area with a fascinating history and the capital of Argentina is a city that perfectly combines today’s modern, cosmopolitan feel with culture and the passion of the locals. This mix of a 21st century, European-like city with Latin American festivals, the Tango, old-world cafes and the cities beautiful inhabitants make Buenos Aires a fantastic place to visit.

Once you have found you’re Buenos Aires apartments you will quickly notice that the essential elements that make up the culture of Buenos Aires are tango, football (soccer) and long coffee klatches. You will not go a day in this city without seeing at least one of these activities. If you happen to be around at the time of Boca Juniors football match then you are certainly in for a treat, and I would highly recommend buying a ticket. The atmosphere around the city gets crazy enough, but inside the stadium it reaches boiling point, constant chanting and jumping, flares and ecstatic fans make it an experience you will not forget.  After which you can head out to the fantastic dance clubs and either watch or participate in the national dance, the Tango, another amazing experience.

It is the local people that make this city so intriguing, and my best advice for tourists would be to take time to step away from the mainstream and stroll around the little side streets, adorned with cute cafes and bars, and take the chance to mingle with the residents here. They will certainly enhance your visit, and will give you a sense of how much they love this city.

A highly desirable place to stay is apartments in Puerto Madero, this represents modern Buenos Aires, and the progressive ideals of the city. By day this riverfront area is a bustling business and shopping precinct, but by night it thrives with fancy bars and restaurants, which are definitely worth a visit for those with finer tastes. Prices remain reasonable, but you get a sense you are around the higher class.

The architecture and monuments of Buenos Aires keeps the city in touch with its past, with buildings such as Government House (the Pink house),Retiro Station and the General Post Office impressing most. The city has numerous museums and galleries which give real insight how much the city has evolved over the centuries.

Buenos Aires is a city in touch with its past and for all varieties of tourists there is plenty to keep you entertained.

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